Well organized

The structure of the Regional Association

In the German Youth Hostel Regional Association of Baden-Wuerttemberg employees and volunteers are working together.

Supreme authority of the Regional Association Baden-Wuerttemberg is the Delegates Assembly composed of:

  • Members of the Main Committee
  • Juristic persons, that pay an annually membership fee which exceeds a special amount fixed by the Main Committee
  • 20 Hostel Managers nominated by the working group of the Hostel Managers
  • 1 Delegate elected by employees of the Regional Association┬┤s office
  • Representatives of contracting parties, who place a Youth Hostel, managed according to the principles of the German Youth Hostel Association, at the disposal of the Regional Association
  • Honorary Members
  • Delegates elected by the members of the Regional Association

The Delegates Assembly shall be convened by the chairman every two years.

Main Committee
Members of the Main Committee:

  • Members of the Executive Board
  • Honorary Members
  • Up to 22 further persons

Executive Board
Members of the Executive Board:

  • The Chairman
  • Two Vice-Chairpersons
  • The CEO
  • Five Assessors
  • Two representatives, nominated by the working group of the Hostel Managers