Hóla, salut and yassu.

Here you can meet the world

"Room for experience - experience dreams"
Cultural|Hostels offer room for experience – an intensive cultural exchange is possible. The programmes range from historical aspects up to contemporary youth culture. The guest experiences exciting culture. For class trips, holiday courses and seminars Cultural|Hostels offer qualified programmes.

You can expect the following

  • A variety of cultural offers
  • The programme offers activities ranging from organising an expedition into the history of culture, searching for its traces and going on excursions to practical projects.
  • You will find an up-to-date media and equipment
  • Rooms for workshops as well as areas for meeting and exchanging are available
  • On-site: young people follow the traces of Duke Eberhard Ludwig or chase the Phantom of Karlsruhe

Getting along extremely well by communicating with gestures and signs
We want our guests to meet and to exchange their experiences. This way, we help to establish contacts, to reduce prejudices and increase tolerance. Hostels certified as Hostel|International have decided to place a particularly emphasis on this objective. All of our Hostels offer a specially designated Tourist Point (TP) as designated meeting and contact area for our guests.

The open and friendly reception area is especially inviting. A bistro that offers snacks, cosy lounge areas with internet access, friendly staff that speaks several languages and the open reception create a pleasant atmosphere and international liveliness.