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Your fitness can profit from our high quality standards

Youth Hostels have always been a place where Sports take centre stage, with more than 400 of Germany's 500 Youth Hostels offering plenty of sporting opportunities to their guests. The "Sports|Youth Hostel" title is granted to those that qualify in a special way and meet high quality standards. Sports groups can feel this quality in the sports facilities, the programme offers, the equipment, the catering, and - last but not least - in the Hostel's service and competent advice.



1:0 for the service

Be it a training camp, preparing for a competition, a school trip with a focus on sports or an end-of-season trip: Youth Hostels offer flexible services to sports groups, teams and school classes, tailored to their individual catering and activity needs. Youth Hostels' programmes supplement those offered by sports clubs and schools, and our concepts have been developed together with the Deutsche Sportjugend (DSJ), a section of the German Sports Federation (Deutscher Sportbund).

You can expect the following

  • Programme offers for training camps, tournament trainings, class trips or end of season tours
  • Co-operations with local sports clubs and experienced trainers
  • A large sports field at the Youth Hostel ground and a stadium near by
  • Indoor exercise room with sports and exercise activities
  • Single or twin rooms for trainers and teachers
  • Modernized rooms with bath and toilet
  • A healthy and balanced catering. Flexible services according to the needs of sport groups and eating times
  • Lending service for exercise games etc