School trips in the south-west

Partner for the schools

Modern cities, charming villages, mighty castles, stately palaces, deep caves, blue seas, interactive museums, action-packed adventure parks, dark forests, high mountains ... – the list of attractions in Baden-Württemberg is long and full. In our youth hostels it is the same. Boredom is strictly forbidden with our package holidays and modular programmes.

Historical and age-appropriate tours demonstrates the pupils clearly the life during other epochs. Various nature excursions sensitize the class for the environment. Interaction- and team games strengthen the spirit of community.

Clearly listed in the categories „school trips for different grades“ or according to the nationwide topics "environment & nature", "culture & society" and "sport & health", every school class will find the perfect programme for its school trip.

With our "planning guide" everything is considered and the teacher will also find important aids for different aspects of their work in our training courses for teacher.