Planning guide

School trips are fun. But planning is important. Where do you want to go? What are you going to do there? Which youth hostel offers which programme? What is the price for accommodation and travelling? How do we get there? Are we insured? We show you, what you have to consider and to organise regarding a school trip.

You are looking for examples what you can do with your pupils outside of the normal school life? You are absolutely right here. With our brochure „Sinn und Praxis von mehrtägigen Klassenfahrten in Jugendherbergen“ ("meaning and practice of school trips over several days in Youth Hostels") you are prepared optimally for the preparation, organisation and follow-up of a school trip.

School trips should be exciting but not hectic. Checklists will help you planning in time. You should start one year in advance.

When packing the suit-cases everybody remembers to put in clothes and a tooth brush. But a teacher has to think of “surprises” too. Blister plasters,  pocket knife and binoculars. Our packing list helps.