Leisure tips

An excellent location!

Tarte flambée. Asparagus. In Kehl, people appreciate and treasure the cuisine from the Baden region. Right next door in Strasbourg, there's the Alsatian cuisine. If you like your food, you'll love it here. Fancy some exercise? A walk along the Rhine promenade or to the Handicraft Museum is just the thing. In Kehl, secluded village squares, lined with half-timbered houses, await you! Want a bit more action? Anyone looking for a big city experience can be in Strasbourg within a few minutes. After climbing 332 steps, the view from the minster is incredible.

The hostel is located in the town's sports and leisure area, south of the town centre, next to the Rhine.

Leisure activities

  • Keep-fit trail (5 minutes)

Hiking - nothing but nature

  • In the grassy banks of the Rhine (2-4 hours)
  • Rhine harbour - Rhine promenade
  • Handicraft Museum Kehl-Kork (4 km)

Lots to experience

  • Strasbourg (Alsace; 6 km)
  • Europapark Rust (45 km)
  • Baden-Baden (50 km)
  • Colmar (France; 50 km)
  • Freiburg (60 km)
  • Kaiserstuhl mountains (65 km)
  • Gutachtal valley (70 km)
  • Wolfach (70 km)
  • Triberg (85 km)

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