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Die Jugendherberge liegt im nördlichen Vorort Allmannsdorf. Weithin ist das Wahrzeichen der "Otto-Moericke-Turm" zu sehen und signalisiert Wanderern und Reisenden: "Ich hab's fast geschafft".
Unser Haus liegt rund 200 Meter vom Ufer des Bodensees entfernt. Bei klarem Wetter zeigen sich sogar die Alpen im Hintergrund. Na wenn das keine Aussicht ist!
Doch wer in Konstanz ist, möchte was erleben. Ganz klar. Ab geht's mit den Bussen der Linie 1 und 4/13. In wenigen Minuten erreicht man so die historische Altstadt.
Natürlich gibt es in der Nähe einen Bahnhof und von der Jugendherberge sieht man auf den Fährhafen Staad. Mobilität wird in Konstanz eben großgeschrieben.

  • Nächster Bahnhof: Konstanz (4 km)
  • Bushaltestellen: Linie 4/13 und 13/4 - sieben Gehminuten; Linie 1 - 15 Gehminuten
  • Entfernung zur historischen Altstadt: fünf Kilometer

Recreational fun

  • Bathing beach Horn
    Swimming, ball games or just enjoying the sunny day. At this free of charge open-air bath everyone will get one's moneys worth. You can reach the "Hörnle" (bath) by walking 45 minutes along the picturesque lakeside. You can also take the bus (line 5) - you would just miss the wonderful view.
  • Bodensee-Therme Konstanz (thermal bath)
    Pure recreation, wellness and forgetting the daily routine. The Bodensee-Therme Konstanz will help you to forget your stress.

Hiking - nothing but nature

  • Naturschutzzentrum Wollmatinger Ried
    nature conservation centre Experience a piece of unspoiled nature on Lake Constance and see rare and endangered animals. Take part in a guided tour or book a personal tour by phone: 07531-78870.
  • Marienschlucht ravine (currently closed for an indefinite period)
    The stunningly beautiful Marienschlucht ravine lies between Bodmann and Wallhausen. The river has cut deep into the rock and the rock walls rise up to 30 m in height. After extensive construction work, the joy of the rugged and unspoilt beauty of nature is now no longer reserved for adventurers but is easily accessible to both young and old visitors. Those who enjoy spectacular sights can arrive by boat or canoe.
  • Reichenau Island (UNESCO World Heritage site)
    Hiking on the island of Reichenau is both varied and exciting at the same time. It takes about 4 hours to go right round the island (15 km). While doing so, enjoy the views across the lake with the Alps in the background. Naturally, a visit to the historical monastic buildings should not be missed.

Leisure activities

  • Archaeological Museum of Baden-Württemberg
    History often becomes dusty - not so in the State Archaeological Museum. Silent witnesses to the area's settlement history are brought to life with the help of media. Exciting tours of the town of Constance and workshops for groups are also available.
  • The Flower Island of Mainau (3 km)
    Far beyond the shores of Lake Constance, the Flower Island of Mainau is known for its beautiful blossoms, exotic plants and awe-inspiring giant trees. The range of options on Mainau is rounded of by art and cultural activities.
  • Pfahlbaumuseum Unterhuldingen - Lake Dwelling Museum
    Lake Constance has always attracted people. Even 6,000 years ago, in the Stone Age, fishermen, farmers, artisans and merchants were already living on the water. Those days, they lived in stilt houses right on the banks. Life was hard and arduous. If you don't believe that, then come to the Lake Dwelling Museum and see how people lit fires with the most primitive equipment, made ​​tools and worked the land.
  • Wildlife and Leisure Park
    "Oh, how cute!" - Or something like that is what you'll hear when children encounter animals. The petting zoo is a particular hit with small children. But there's still so much more to see: bears, wild boar, bison, donkeys, deer and birds of prey. An adventure playground and a go-kart course make even the wildest explorers tired and happy.

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