Essen und Trinken

Enjoy your meal!

We offer diversity and variety on the menu. Special menues for sportsmen and seminar participants are possible if this is discussed with us well in advance. As far as possible we offer fresh and regional food items. We try to avoid food additives as far as possible but this can not be guaranteed at all times. All food additives and allergens which are subject to labelling in accordance with legal regulations  will be displayed separately and/or can be requested. If you are not sure if a special allergen or substance is included, please ask one of your kitchen members. They will inform you.

If you booked full board you will get on request a lunch box for day trips and in the evening a warm meal. For environmental reasons we kindly ask you to bring a lunch box and a drinking bottle with you. “We can't do everything. But asking is free”

We are pleased to offer you vegetarian meals and meals without pork, but is subject to prior arrangement. Special diets like lactose-free and/or gluten-free or vegan meals can be also offered if discussed with the hostel managers in good times before (at least two week before arrival). Please note that special diet cost is not in the regular calculation included. Therefore, extra cost can occur.



Breakfast buffet: Our breakfast buffet consists of several sorts of bread and rolls, butter, margarine, several sorts of sweet, hearty and vegetarian spreads. There is coffee, all kinds of tea, our 'cocoa-bar', milk, two tasty juice drinks, muesli and different kinds of cereals. Of course there are cold cuts and cheese, just as fresh fruits, vegetables and different fruit yoghurts.

Packed lunch: Our packed lunch will be packed by our guests themselves right after breakfast. It consists of bread and rolls - all you can eat - which can be coated by heart's desire (don't forget your lunch box). Additionally you get cold tea (please bring a bottle with you), some vegetables, fruits and something sweet.

Lunch/Dinner buffet (warm): We offer you one warm meal, together with fresh green salads, a plate of raw vegetables, a dessert and water or tea to drink.

Mid-morning break (by request): coffee, tea, pastry, juice drinks, cold drinks, fruit yoghurt, Brezels

Afternoon break (by request): coffee, tea, pastry, juice drinks, cold drinks, fruits and cakes

Do you want the 'sweet' or 'hearty' version of your mid-morning/afternoon break? We will advise you.

Cold buffet: This buffet consists of a tasty warm soup, several kinds of bread and rolls, butter, margarine, some hearty spreads, cut vegetables, green salad, different sorts of cold cuts and cheese, tea and water.

Grilling package: You can get this instead of a warm meal. (You have to grill on your own, we supply grill and further equipment. Just ask for our grill offers.

If you book full board, you will receive a packed lunch and a hot meal in the evening when you go out on day trips. For reasons of environmental protection, we ask you to bring with you a lunchbox suitable for a packed lunch and a plastic drinks bottle.

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